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 Update on us

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PostSubject: Update on us   Update on us I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2009 2:31 am

Hey everyone. Well we have now moved into our much smaller but quieter unit which has been great. My little man is goin to daycare still 4 days a week. We are goin to the pool tomorrow morning as he has a swimmin trial to see how he goes before I book him into lessons as he hasn't been in a pool since he was about 6 months and he's now 3! I went to work today as am now workin at a little art gallery which has a cafe so I am still workin there my normal Tuesdays but next 3 weeks due to holidays I am workin Thursdays and weekends too which will be good for the extra money, also workin at St Vinnies Saturdays but can't for the next 3 as my other job needs me. Also put in resumes at heaps of motels and stuff to try and get cleaning work or just more work as the money always helps! My Mum will watch the little man while I'm workin so that will be good for me and for him to spend some time wit my parents. Single again down here and given up on males for a while as got sick of there games. Still got my group of friends but they don't all drop in here 24/7 like at the last place which has been good to have some time to myself and not worry about people wakin little man up at night when they come over so yeah the new move has been good even though just up the road from the last place but it's like a fresh start too. Craig also has had his own room and Cars bed since we moved in which he sleeps in now. He has his dummy still int he afternoon then half a bottle when he goes to bed but he has his bottle in his own bed now then goes to sleep by himself. He usually wakes up around 3am in the night usually because his dummy has fallen out so once I get up and give it to him he puts himself back to sleep then is up in the morning and turns the tv on and gets yoghurt out for breakfast so he's gettin so big but I'm so glad I now have my bed and room all to myself!!! Haven't had that since he was like born lol. Anyway hope your all doin well and now I have broadband unlimited back on but wireless this time as no phone line here but it's on here now so I can get online alot more when not at work etc so hope to get on here more and keep in touch! Take care everyone and talk soon. xoxo.
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Update on us
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